3D model of the ammonite Placenticeras merenskyi (GSN F1635) modelled at Geowissenschaftliche Sammlung, Universität Bremen, in 2020


A 3D model of the Cretaceous ammonite Placenticeras merenskyi, collection of the Geological Survey of Namibia, inventory number GSN F1635 was made in addition to the publication by Lehmann et al. (see reference). The model was created by photogrammetry using a Nikon digital camera D5100 and the programme Metashape at the Geowissenschaftliche Sammlung, Universität Bremen, in 2020 by Martin Krogmann. The data were collected for documentation of this specimen that is the best-preserved known of this species that is widely discussed in the literature, since the holotype is comparatively poorly preserved only. Specimen GSN F1635 was collected by Martin Pickford in April 2015 during the 2015 Namibia Palaeontology Expedition of the Centre de Recherche en Paleontologie, Sorbonne Universite, Paris, at -27.398111 ~ 15.4055, a site called Wanderfeld IV near Bogenfels, Namibia.

The 3D model (OBJ) can be viewed with most 3D computer graphics programs. Simple options are 3D Viewer (included in Windows 10) or MeshLab. For more complicated visualizations Blender or a 3D program of your choice can be used.

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