Effects of soil disturbance on changes in plant species composition in a native pine savanna, Georgia, USA – Species presence in the years 2012-2021


The purpose of the data was to compare vegetation changes over time (0-9 years) in 1) an area repeatedly disturbance by tilling with a disk harrow to maintain a firebreak, 2) single tilling disturbance to create a temporary firebreak, and 3) undisturbed vegetation within a native pine savanna in Georgia, USA. We established 9-10 plots each covering 10 square meters within a repeated-disturbance firebreak, a single-disturbance firebreak, and in undisturbed vegetation (n = 29). We identified plant species within the plots six times over a nine year period from 2012-2021. In 2021 we also visually estimated percent cover of each species. We assessed changes in the plant community using ordination. Results were used to infer the effects of a single and repeated soil disturbance on plant species composition by comparison to the undisturbed plots.

Funding provided by: Corbett Fire Endowment

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Creator Robertson, Kevin M ORCID logo; Dixon, Cinnamon M; Reid, Angela M; Rother, Monica T
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Publication Year 2024
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Spatial Coverage (-84.333 LON, 30.583 LAT); Thomasville, Georgia, USA
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