Time development of modeled lateral tracer distributions in the eastern tropical South Pacific


The time development of the modeled lateral tracer distributions shown by the vertical column integral in full time resolution. Two geographical regions in the eastern tropical South Pacific are at focus (1) between 5-30°S, 69-90°W and (2) between 12-22°S, 69-78°W. The four modeled tracer release experiments are called moTRE1-ROMS, moTRE2-CROCO, moTRE3-NEMO, and moTRE4-NEMO (specified in the related publication / thesis). The model runs were performed by Yonss José (for ROMS/CROCO) and Olaf Dutail (for NEMO) to support the observational "Peruvian Oxygen-minimum-zone System Tracer Release Experiment (POSTRE)" that was conducted from Oct. 2015 to Apr. 2017.

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