Lucky Strike segment (Mid-Atlantic Ridge) - WHOI Towcam seafloor photomosaic (Graviluck 2006 Cruise): ~1-cm resolution colour geotiffs from navigation-based photomosaics (UTM zone 25 projection)


Colour seafloor photomosaics along towed camera tracks crossing the axis of the Lucky Strike ridge segment (Mid Altantic Ridge).  Images were acquired with the WHOI TowCam system (, during the Graviluck 2016 cruise.  Images are process for colour and illumination correction. Images are placed and photomosaiced based on USBL navigation of the TowCam, altitude, and orientation.  The datasets include geotiffs for each of the tracks. To be cited: cited: Gini et al. (submitted); Escartin et al. (2008; 2014).

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Creator Escartin, Javier; Gracias, Nuno; Soule, Adam; Fornari, Daniel J.; Ballu, Valérie
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Publication Year 2021
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