Enkätdata från enkät om cybersäkerhetsträning och användbarhet av säkerhetsfunktioner


This data set was acquired using a survey which intends to measure: • Participants previous experience of cybersecurity training • Participants perception of ideal cybersecurity training • Participants perception of a specific cybersecurity training type called ContextBased MicroTraining • What usability aspects the participants find most important for security features Data was acquired from Sweden, UK and Italy to allow for comparative analysis. Demographic data was collected to allow for further analysis based on those. The files included in this data set are: • Completesurvey: This document includes the full survey presented to the participants. • Dataset: This file contains the variables and data for the different questions (available as .sav (SPSS and .csv)). • Var_info: contains information about the variables in the dataset • Overview: Contains frequency tables for the survey question (for the complete data set) • Sweden, UK, and Italy: Contains frequency tables for the survey questions divided by national sample groups. Se attahed description

Enkätdata från enkät om cybersäkerhetsträning och användbarhet av säkerhetsfunktioner. Data insamlad från svarande i Sverige, UK, och Italien. Se bifogad beskrivning

With the purpose of collecting quantitative data from a large sample of respondents, a web-based survey was used. The survey panel company Webropol was hired for the distribution of the survey which restricted the range of possible participants to the members of Webropols panel. A stratified sampling approach was used to generate a probability sample within the web panel. The panel members were split into strata based on gender, age, and geographical region. Equal proportions from each strata were then recruited using simple random sampling. The primary target of the survey was Swedish users, and the target sample size for Swedes was set to 800 respondents. Samples with a target size of 300 respondents were drawn from UK and Italy.

Probability: Stratified

Sannolikhetsurval: stratifierat urval



DOI https://doi.org/10.5878/pv4m-s237
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Creator Kävrestad, Joakim
Publisher Swedish National Data Service; Svensk nationell datatjänst
Publication Year 2021
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Discipline Computer Science; Computer Science, Electrical and System Engineering; Engineering Sciences; Natural Sciences
Spatial Coverage Sweden; Sverige; Italy; Italien; United Kingdom; Storbritannien