WageIndicator Collective Agreements Database Dataset with Full Texts and Selected Clauses

Since 2012, the WageIndicator Foundation has maintained a Collective Agreements Database, where the texts of 1600 collective agreements (CBAs) from 61 countries and in 27 languages have been uploaded, coded and annotated. This database is a unique example at global level: collective agreements are documents containing conditions of employment that result from negotiations between independent unions and employers, and their content is often surrounded by an atmosphere of secrecy. Under the SSHOC project and with the support of the CLARIN Research Infrastructure, the agreements have been manually and automatically annotated on several levels: for each agreement, the team answers a series of questions and selects the appropriate piece of text (clause) for each.

One of the results of the collective agreements' annotation process is the dataset which is available here and includes all the clauses selected for each variable (WageIndicator_CBADatabase_Selected_Clauses). The full collective agreements' texts are stored in another dataset, also available here (WageIndicator_CBADatabase_Full_Texts_211019). A codebook is also included (210125-wageindicator-cba-codebook.pdf).

DOI https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-zg9-wtjj
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Publication Year 2022
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