Structural group composition of low-polarity organic matter dissolved in waters of the Northwest Indian Ocean and the Red Sea


Data on amounts of various functional groups, i.e. aldehyde, acid, ester, alcohol, thiol and aromatic groups in several fractions of low-polarity dissolved organic matter are presented. An assumption that this organic matter is part of the lipid fraction is not confirmed. Amount of aromatic compounds in waters of the Northwest Indian Ocean is estimated to be about 1000 times higher than quantity of aromatic hydrocarbons discharged into the ocean each year in petroleum and petroleum products.

Supplement to: Smirnov, M B; Bordovsky, Oleg K (1985): Structural group composition of chloroform extracts of dissolved organic matter in waters of the Northwest Indian Ocean. Oceanology, 25(4), 462-465

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Creator Smirnov, M B; Bordovsky, Oleg K
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 1985
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Spatial Coverage (38.088W, -16.910S, 67.440E, 29.090N); Red Sea; Indian Ocean; Persian Gulf; Gulf of Oman