Combined planktic foraminifera assemblage records and organic carbon content in sediment core SSD-044/GC-01


We have utilized the ratio of mixed layer eutrophic to mixed layer oligotrophic foraminifer species, thermocline foraminifera species, and sedimentary organic carbon (C-org) content from the core SSD-044/GC01 to infer the Mixed layer and Thermocline variability during late glacial to Holocene. The mixed layer increases, and the thermocline deepens during Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) and vice versa during the last deglacial and Holocene which is influenced by the coupling of northeast (NE)/southwest (SW) Monsoon.

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Creator Yadav, Ramanand ORCID logo; Naik, Sushant S; Narvekar, Jayu
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2022
Funding Reference Ministry of Earth Sciences Crossref Funder ID GAP2949 Biogeochemical Processes and Paleoceanographic Studies of the Eastern Indian Ocean
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Spatial Coverage (77.000 LON, 5.000 LAT); Equatorial Indian Ocean