Chemical composition of particulate matter and element fluxes in the eastern Norwegian Sea, NS Komsomolets wreck site area


This paper reports results of a geochemical study of suspended particulate matter and particle fluxes in the Norwegian Sea above the Bear Island slope. Concentrations of suspended particles and the main components of suspended matter were determined in the euphotic, intermediate (clean water), and bottom nepheloid layers. It was shown that biogenic components are predominant in water above the nepheloid layer, whereas suspended matter of the nepheloid layer is formed by resuspension of lithogenic components of bottom sediments. Chemical compositions of suspended matter and material collected in sediment traps are identical.

Supplement to: Lukashin, Vyacheslav N (2008): Geochemistry of suspended matter and sinking material in the eastern Norwegian Sea. Geochemistry International, 46(7), 711-723

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