Radiocarbon dates and tephra markers for upper part of of sediment core MD99-2273


Project affiliation and funding:European Commission MILLENNIUM Integrated Project (grant 017008).Unpublished pre - 1000 cal. BP isotope data provided by K. L. Knudsen and J. Eiríksson, funded by the Danish Natural Science Research Council, the Icelandic Research Council, and the European Commission's 5th Framework Programme PACLIVA (EVK2-2002-00143).

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Creator Knudsen, Karen Luise; Eiriksson, Jón; Bartels-Jonsdottir, Helga B
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2019
Rights Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International;
OpenAccess true
Resource Type Dataset
Format text/tab-separated-values
Size 168 data points
Discipline Earth System Research
Spatial Coverage (-18.750W, 66.763S, -18.750E, 66.763N); N. Iceland shelf, Eyjafjardarall