Composition of bacterioplankton in the North Atlantic subtropical gyre


Subtropical oceanic gyres are the most extensive biomes on Earth where SAR11 and Prochlorococcus bacterioplankton numerically dominate the surface waters depleted in inorganic macronutrients as well as in dissolved organic matter. In such nutrient poor conditions bacterioplankton could become photoheterotrophic. We assessed the photoheterotrophy of the key microbial taxa in the North Atlantic oligotrophic gyre and adjacent regions. The experimental work was performed on board the Royal Research Ship James Cook (cruise no. JC53, October-November 2010) as part of the Atlantic Meridional Transect programme, and on board the Royal Research Ship Discovery (cruise no. D369, August-September 2011). At each station, samples were collected from 20m depth with a sampling rosette of 20-l Niskin bottles mounted on aconductivity-temperature-depth profiler. Samples were collected in 1 l thermos flasks (washed with10% v/v HCl) in the dark and processed immediately. Depth of 20m was chosen because it represents the mixed layer and it was the shallowest depth unaffected by the ship's movement, including thrusting, that could artificially affect microbial metabolism in nutrient-depleted stratified surfacewaters. Molecular identification of flow-sorted cells CARD-FISH was performed on flow-sorted cells to identify the groups for which uptake rates were measured. High nucleic acid-containing bacteria, based on SYBR Green DNA staining, that had virtually undetectable chlorophyll autofluorescence, were phylogenetically affiliated with Prochlorococcus,in agreement with our previously reported results (Zubkov et al., 2007; doi:10.1111/j.1462-2920.2007.01324.x).

Supplement to: Gomez-Pereira, Paola R; Hartmann, Manuela; Grob, C; Tarran, Glen A; Martin, Adrian Peter; Fuchs, Bernhard M; Scanlan, David J; Zubkov, Mikhail V (2012): Comparable light stimulation of organic nutrient uptake by SAR11 and Prochlorococcus in the North Atlantic subtropical gyre. The ISME Journal, 7(3), 603-614

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