Organic matter, water-isotopes and cell abundances of Arctic Century cruise


The discrete biogeochemical measurements from RV Akademik Tryoshnikov AT21 sampled for chlorophylla, delta 18O isotopes, dissolved organic matter and microbial cell abundances. The parameters include dO, d18O, Chla, DOC, cDOM, TDN, DIN, combined carbohydrates, hydrolysable amino acids, and microbial cell abundances. The samples were aquired within 0-10 m of the Barents and Laptev Sea, lake, and snow between 76 N to 82 N and 59 E to 106 E. The data was collected on board Arctic Century cruise from 09th August 2021-2nd September 2021. The water collection occured using a CTD, bucket (lake) and gloves (snow, thawed). The laboratory methods varied by parameter: chlorophyll using Turner Designs Trilogy fluorometer, oxygen isotopes using a Finnigan Delta-S mass spectrometer, DOC/TDN was analysed using TOC-VCSH, and cDOM were analyzed spectrophotometrically, dissolved carbohydrates using high performance anion exchange chromatography coupled with pulsed amperometric detection, dissolved amino acids using ortho-phthaldialdehyde derivatization by high-performance liquid chromatography, and microbial cell abundance (phytoplankton, bacteria) was analysed using flow cytometery. The purpose of data collection was to understand spatial variability of organic mater and associated dynamics of the microbial loop.

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Creator von Jackowski, Anabel ORCID logo; Meyer, Hanno ORCID logo; Povazhnyi, Vasily; Engel, Anja ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2023
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Spatial Coverage (59.993W, 76.085S, 106.837E, 82.833N); Barents Sea; Kara Sea; Arctic Ocean; Laptev Sea
Temporal Coverage Begin 2021-08-09T14:14:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2021-09-02T22:03:00Z