Digitized, corrected and translated data on net zooplankton of the Far East seas and adjacent Pacific Ocean waters from five rare reference books published in Russian in limited editions


Data on plankton collected by the Juday net in 1984-2013 in the Far Eastern seas and the north-western Pacific containing the species composition, occurrence and abundance of zooplankton in the surveyed area. The data is aggregated by species, developmental stages, size fractions, regions, vertical layers of water, light and dark time of day, four seasons of the year and perennial periods. The scope of application of this data is fundamental to the management of marine resources, aquaculture development, nature conservation, and assessment of the damage of various anthropogenic factors on nature.

File descriptions: Zip file contains Zooplankton dataset, where Ber - Bering Sea data, Okh - the Sea of Okhotsk data, Jap - the Sea of Japan data, PGB - Peter the Great Bay data, Pac - Pacific Ocean data in xlsx and csv formats.

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