NorESM output from 21st century experiments with stochastic volcanic forcing


This dataset contains post-processed output from a study with the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM) that uses proxy-based stochastic volcanic forcing to assess the effects of volcanic uncertainty on probabilistic 21st century climate projections.

The experiments are described in detail in Bethke, I., S. Outten , O.H. Otterå , S. Wagner, M. Sigl and P. Thorne - Potential volcanic effects on 21st century climate projections (submitted to Nature Climate Change)

The ensemble output from following experiments is made available:
historicalVolc: 1980-2005 simulations using historical volcanic forcing historicalNoVolc (no-Pinatubo): 1990-2004 simulations with zero volc. forcing rcp45Volc (VOLC): 2006-2099 simulations using different stochastic volc. forcings rcp45VolcConst (VOLC-CONST): 2006-2099 simulations using constant volc. forcing rcp45NoVolc (NoVOLC): 2006-2099 simulations with zero volcanic forcing

Time-invariant fields: areacella, areacello, basin, deptho, orog, volcello

Monthly fields: cdnc, ch4global, cldnvi, clt, co2mass, concbc, conccn, concdms, concdust, concpoa, concso2, concso4, concss, drybc, drydus, drypoa, dryso2, dryso4, dryss, ec550aer, emibc, emidms, emidust, emioa, emiso2, emiso4, emiss, evs, evspsbl, ficeberg, friver, hfds, hfls, hfss, hurs, hus, huss, n2oglobal, pr, prsn, prw, ps, psl, reffclws, reffclwtop, rlds, rldscs, rlus, rlut, rlutcs, rsds, rsdscs, rsdt, rsntds, rsus, rsuscs, rsut, rsutcs, rtmt, sconcbc, sconcdust, sconcpoa, sconcso4, sconcss, sftgif, sftlf, sftof, sic, sim, sit, snc, snd, ta, tas, tauu, tauuo, tauv, tauvo, transifs, transix, transiy, ts, ua, va, wetbc, wetdust, wetpoa, wetso2, wetso4, wetss, zg

Annual fields: hfx, hfy, msftbarot, rhopoto, so, thetao, umo, vmo, vsf, sos, tos

Volcanic forcing and scripts to generate the forcing are stored in a separate forcing folder.

For more detailed information please contact the dataset creators.

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Creator Bethke, Ingo; Outten, Stephen; Thorne, Peter; Hawkins, Ed; Wagner, Sebastian; Sigl, Michael; Otterå, Odd Helge
Publisher Norstore Archive
Publication Year 2017
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Discipline Atmospheric Sciences; Geosciences; Geospheric Sciences; Meteorology; Natural Sciences; Volcanology