Hydrography and biogeochemistry during S.A. Agulhas II cruise Agu011, in the SW Indian Ocean, April 2014


Several open-ocean mesoscale features, a "young" warm-core (or anti-cyclonic) eddy at 52°S, an "older" warm-core eddy at 57.5°S, as well as an adjacent cold-core (or cyclonic) eddy at 56°S, were surveyed during a R/V S.A. Agulhas II cruise in April 2014. The main aim of the survey was to obtain hydrographical and biogeochemical profile data for contrasting open-ocean eddies in the Southern Ocean, that will be suitable for comparison and modelling of their heat, salt and nutrient characteristics, and the changes that occur in these properties as warm-core eddies migrate from the polar front southwards into the Southern Ocean. A total of 18 CTD stations were occupied in a sector south of the South-West Indian Ridge, along three transects crossing several mesoscale features identified from satellite altimetry data prior to the cruise.

Supplement to: de Villiers, Stephanie; Siswana, Khaya; Vena, Kanyisile (2015): In situ measurement of the biogeochemical properties of Southern Ocean mesoscale eddies in the Southwest Indian Ocean, April 2014. Earth System Science Data, 7(2), 415-422

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