LAMBDA Cosmic Microwave Background Experiments Master Catalog

This table contains a list of known cosmic microwave background (CMB) experiments, with links to their home pages (if available), a brief description, some of the more important properties of the experiment, and, whenever possible, links to internal Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data Analysis (LAMBDA: <a href=""></a>;) pages which provide the publicly available data from these experiments. LAMBDA serves as a long-term repository for these archives. If an experiment of interest to you is missing from the list, or there is experimental data you would like to provide, please contact the LAMBDA team via the suggestion form at <a href=""></a>;. The table contains links to the individual project websites, which will typically provide the most comprehensive collections of data. The data_type and lambda_data_link parameters contains descriptions of the type of data from the specified experiment that is available at LAMBDA, and the link to that data held at LAMBDA, respectively. Initially the data at LAMBDA might be a subset of the data at the project website, but the LAMBDA holdings will grow with time and they will be maintained as a permanent archive. Two of the listed LAMBDA data sets, namely those from the IRAS and SWAS satellites, are not, strictly speaking, directly related to the CMB, but, for historical reasons, are (partially in the case of IRAS, fully in the case of SWAS) located at LAMBDA. This table was created by the LAMDBA and HEASARC teams based on the Web page summary of CMB experiments at <a href=""></a>;, as well as on other LAMBDA metadata. It is updated automatically within a day after any changes are made to that Web page. This is a service provided by NASA HEASARC .

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