Derived geomorphic features (shapefiles) from multibeam bathymetry processed data (Kongsberg EM 122 working area dataset) of RVIB NATHANIEL B. PALMER during cruise NBP150-02


Bathymetry from multibeam echo sounding data in Pennell Trough, Ross Sea, Antarctica was collected onboard the RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer (NBP) 15-02 cruise using a Kongsberg EM122 operating in dual swath mode at 12 kHz frequency with a 1°×1° beam width, swath angular coverage set to 62°×62°, and 30-60% overlap between survey lines. All raw, ping-edited geophysical data collected on NBP150-02 can be accessed using the Marine Geoscience Data System (Cruise DOI: 10.7284/901477). The bathymetry dataset here is gridded at 20-m resolution with a water depth-dependent vertical resolution on the order of decimeters. Two shapefiles are provided for ice-marginal landforms and meltwater landforms observable in the bathymetry data. The purpose of collecting the bathymetry data on cruise NBP15-02 was to better understand the glacial history of the Ross Sea, and the dataset, inclusive of bathymetry data and shapefiles of glacial landforms, from Pennell Trough are used to understand impacts on subglacial channel morphology and organization during the deglaciation of the region following the Last Glacial Maximum.

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Creator Simkins, Lauren M ORCID logo; Greenwood, Sarah L ORCID logo; Munevar Garcia, Santiago ORCID logo; Eareckson, Elizabeth; Anderson, John B ORCID logo; Prothro, Lindsay O ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2021
Funding Reference Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation Crossref Funder ID 2016.0144 ; National Science Foundation Crossref Funder ID OPP-1246353 Evidence for Paleo Ice Stream Collapse in the Western Ross Sea since the Last Glacial Maximum; National Science Foundation Crossref Funder ID OPP-1745055 Collaborative Research: Topographic Controls on Antarctic Ice Sheet Grounding Line Behavior - Integrating Models and Observations; Swedish Research Council Crossref Funder ID D0567301
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Spatial Coverage (175.707 LON, -76.147 LAT)