Underway measurements of physical parameters for 2-day upwelling front experiment during METEOR cruise M93


Thermosalinograph's salinity sensor did not yield reliable measurements and are hence not included.Airtemperature (Ta) in degrees Celsius (measured at 29.1 m height)Watertemperature (Tw) in degrees Celsius (measured at 3.5 m depth by Thermosalinograph's secondary temperature sensor)True wind speed (Ws) in m/s measured at 35.3 m heightTrue wind direction (Wd) in degrees measured at 35.3 m heightGlobal Radiation (GloR) in W/m^2 (direct and diffuse solar radiation, measured at 34.2 m height)Longwave Radiation (LwR) in W/m^2 (incoming atmospheric longwave radiation, measured at 34.2 m height)Airpressure (Pres) in hPa (measured at 11.2 m height)relative Humidity (rH) in % (measured at 29.1 m height)

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Publication Year 2017
Funding Reference German Research Foundation https://doi.org/10.13039/501100001659 Crossref Funder ID 27542298 https://gepris.dfg.de/gepris/projekt/27542298 Climate - Biogeochemistry Interactions in the Tropical Ocean
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Discipline Biogeochemistry; Biospheric Sciences; Geosciences; Natural Sciences
Spatial Coverage (-76.994W, -13.969S, -76.450E, -13.634N); Southeast Pacific
Temporal Coverage Begin 2013-02-16T06:42:04Z
Temporal Coverage End 2013-02-18T23:59:59Z