Total phosphorus and electric conductivity of 90 Urals lakes


We developed the transfer function for quantitative reconstructions of total phosphorus ranging from 5.6 to 313 μg/l and electric conductivity ranging from 61 to 21.700 μS/cm. WA-PLS-Component 2 (RMSEPboot=0.21 log10 μg/l, bootstrap r2=0.58 log10 μg/l, maximum bootstrap bias=0.57 log10 μg l-1) was the best performing model for TP. WA with classical deshrinking (RMSEPboot=0.22 log10 μS/cm, bootstrap r2=0.83, maximum bootstrap bias=0.23 log10 μS/cm) was the best performing model for EC. The dataset can be independently applied for quantitative reconstructions of lake water TP and EC or joined with other diatom datasets.

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Creator Maslennikova, Anna Valer'evna ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2023
Funding Reference Russian Science Foundation Crossref Funder ID Grant 21-17-00071
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Spatial Coverage (58.253W, 52.629S, 63.231E, 58.307N); Ural