(Table 1) Composition of interstitial waters from ODP Leg 125 sites


Pore waters were collected from nine sites during Leg 125 of the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP). The first four sites (778-781) were drilled in the Mariana forearc on and near Conical Seamount, an active serpentine "mud volcano" located about 80 km behind the trench axis and 120 km in front of the active island arc. The last five sites (782-786) were drilled in the Izu-Bonin forearc between the trench and the outer arc high. Pore waters from the five sites from both areas that penetrated serpentine silts (Sites 778,779,780,783, and 784) are discussed in detail by Mottl (this volume). Here we report analyses of the pore waters from all nine sites for Li, Rb, Sr, Ba, Mn, B, and the sulfur isotopic ratio of dissolved sulfate. Sampling methods and results of analyses for major and minor species determined aboard ship were presented by Fryer, Pearce, Stokking, et al. (1990, doi:10.2973/odp.proc.ir.125.1990).

Supplement to: Mottl, Michael J; Alt, Jeffrey C (1992): Data report: minor and trace element and sulfur isotopic composition of pore waters from Sites 778 through 786. In: Fryer, P; Pearce, JA; Stokking, LB; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 125, 683-688

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