(Table 1) Concentrations of particulate organic carbon in the South Atlantic in February-March 1989


On the basis of 332 analyses of dissolved (DOC) and particulate organic carbon (POC) in samples collected from the surface to 4785 m depth at 10 stations in the atlantic part of the Antarctic Ocean the following regularities were observed: low DOC concentration, a sharp decrease in upper 40-120 m, small changes deeper in the water column, decrease in concentrations in the Antarctic divergence zone, absence of a correlation between DOC and primary production of plankton. Decrease in POC concentrations with depth when there is a small gradient in the 0-200 m water layer, increase in POC concentrations in the pycnocline and during phytoplankton bloom were found. As a whole the Antarctic Ocean is characterized by small POC concentrations close to average values for the world ocean. The nature of DOC and POC concentrations changes in the surface layers of the Indian and Atlantic oceans along the ship's route was considered.

Supplement to: Romankevich, Evgeny A; Peresypkin, Valery I (1994): Dissolved and suspended particulate organic matter in antarctic waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1993, 33(6), 863-870, Oceanology, 33(6), 761-767

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