Magnetic properties of basalts from DSDP Hole 69-504B


The NRM intensity, AF demagnetization characteristics, hysteresis parameters, initial susceptibility, and thermomagnetic characteristics of 18 basalt specimens from Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 504B were determined. In six samples, the grain size was large enough to allow microprobe analysis.We conclude (1) that the dominant magnetic mineral is titanomagnetite/titanomaghemite; (2) that, except for the upper few meters of the core where the grains are in the stable monodomain state, the grain size of the magnetic mineral lies in the pseudo-single-domain range (< 10 µm); (3) that maghemitization (i.e., low-temperature (< 350°C) oxidation) has taken place.We discuss possible geological histories.

Supplement to: O'Donovan, J B; O'Reilly, W (1983): Magnetic properties of basalts from Hole 504B, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 69. In: Cann, JR; Langseth, MG; Honnorez, J; Von Herzen, RP; White, SM; et al. (eds.), Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project (U.S. Govt. Printing Office), 69, 721-726

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