Temperature gradient between IODP Site 306-U1313 and ODP Site 162-982


Temperature gradients listed in this dataset were used to assess the potential connection between upper ocean stratification at IODP Site U1313 (41°N, 33°W) and northward heat transport between this and ODP Site 982 (58°N, 16°W). Upper-ocean stratification at Site U1313 was qualitatively estimated using the temperature gradient between alkenone-based SST (Naafs et al., 2012) and Mg/Ca-based SubT (in an accompanying dataset). Both records were produced from the same core sections of the primary splice. As the temporal resolution of the SST record (1 data point every approx. 0.6 kyrs) is double that of SubT (1 data point every approx. 1.2 kyrs), SSTs were linearly interpolated to match SubTs in age (thereby reducing the SST resolution in half). We then subtracted SubT from SST. A similar procedure was followed to calculate the surface temperature gradients between sites U1313 and 982 (Lawrence et al., 2010). The age models of both records were produced by tuning benthic oxygen isotopes to the LR04 stack. As the temporal resolution of the SST record from Site U1313 is higher than that from Site 982, U1313 SSTs were linearly interpolated to match 982 SSTs in age. We then subtracted 982 SSTs from U1313 SSTs.

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Spatial Coverage (-32.957W, 41.000S, -15.854E, 57.513N); South Atlantic Ocean
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