Spectral particulate absorption and attenuation coefficients derived from unterwater measurements from Kelbra Reservoir (Germany) during the Inland Water Remote Sensing Validation Campaign 2017


Measurements were taken from Wetlabs AC-S a spectral absoption and attenuation sensor and Wetlabs FL3W an underwater fluorometer with three channels(chlorophyll, pycoerythrin, CDOM flurorescence). Data is quality assured.The measured parameters from AC-S are attenuation and absorption coefficients (latter with scattering error). Results of attenuation channel used, results of absorption channel not used. Data are corrected for temperature and salinity, blank measurements of HE488 was used for blanking, remaining temperature effects are removed manual, choosen a correct temperature differences. Detector angle error of attenuation channel not corrected. All results are averages of measurements over 10-20 min. Total scattering coefficients provided, from AC-S attenuation minus PSICAM absorption results.The measured parameters from FL3W are using calibration of manufacturer. All results are averages of measurements over 10-20 min. For both sensors no standard deviations provided, but data are available.

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