SmartAQnet 2020 Dataset


This is the dataset collected by the SmartAQnet project. The dataset was collected in the model region of Augsburg, Germany between 2017 and 2020 and contains 248,572,003 observations recorded by over 180 individual devices, including ceilometers, Radio Acoustic Sounding System (RASS), mid- and low-cost stationary measuring equipment using meteorological sensors and particle counters, and low-weight portable measuring equipment mounted on different platforms such as trolley, bike, and UAV. Detailed description of the dataset could be found in the dataset discription paper "SmartAQnet 2020: A New Open Urban Air Quality Dataset from Heterogeneous PM Sensors" (DOI: 10.14644/dust2021.001).

All works that make use of the SmartAQnet 2020 data should include a reference using the dataset DOI, as well as giving scholarly credit by citing both the SmartAQnet project (DOI: 10.1117/12.2282698) and this dataset discription paper (DOI: 10.14644/dust2021.001).

269,261,359 (Total); 248,572,003 (in Augsburg Area)

saqn:op:absp [Attenuated Backscatter Profile], saqn:op:bc [Black Carbon], saqn:op:blh [Boundary Layer Height], saqn:op:ca [Cloud Amount], saqn:op:dp [Dew Point], saqn:op:globalrad [Global Radiation], saqn:op:hur [Relative Humidity], saqn:op:irbcc [Infrared Particulate Matter], saqn:op:mcpm [PM Total Mass Concentration], saqn:op:mcpm1 [PM1 Mass Concentration], saqn:op:mcpm10 [PM10 Mass Concentration], saqn:op:mcpm2p5 [PM2.5 Mass Concentration], saqn:op:mcpm4 [PM4 Mass Concentration], saqn:op:mcpmtotal [PM Total Mass Concentration], saqn:op:mcresp [PM4 Mass Concentration], saqn:op:ncpm [PM Total Particle Number Concentration], saqn:op:ncpm1 [PM1 Particle Number Concentration], saqn:op:ncpm10 [PM10 Particle Number Concentration], saqn:op:ncpm2p5 [PM2.5 Particle Number Concentration], saqn:op:plev [Air Pressure], saqn:op:pnc0p2-1 [Particle number concentration in size range 0.02 - 1 µm], saqn:op:precip [Precipitation], saqn:op:sigmaw [Sigma of the Vertical Wind], saqn:op:ta [Air Temperature], saqn:op:td [Temperature in Device], saqn:op:theta_a [Acoustic Potential Temperature], saqn:op:total [PM Total Particle Number Concentration], saqn:op:uvbcc [Ultraviolet Particulate Matter], saqn:op:wchill [Wind Chill], saqn:op:wdir [Wind Direction], saqn:op:wspeed [Wind Speed], saqn:op:zcb [Cloud Base Altitude], saqn:op:zcl [Cloud Layer Altitude]

Metadata Access
Creator Li, Chaofan ORCID logo; Budde, Matthias ORCID logo
Publisher TECO, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Contributor RADAR
Publication Year 2022
Funding Reference German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure BMVI GRID
Rights Open Access; Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International; info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess;
OpenAccess true
Resource Type Dataset
Format application/x-tar
Discipline Atmospheric Sciences; Geosciences; Meteorology; Natural Sciences
Temporal Coverage 2017-2020