Concentrations of IPSO25 in surface sediments from coastal and near-coastal Antarctic locations


The presence of a di-unsaturated highly branched isoprenoid (HBI) lipid biomarker (diene II) in Southern Ocean sediments has previously been proposed as a proxy measure of palaeo Antarctic sea ice. Here we show that a source of diene II is the sympagic diatom Berkeleya adeliensis Medlin. Furthermore, the propensity for B. adeliensis to flourish in platelet ice is reflected by an offshore downward gradient in diene II concentration in >100 surface sediments from Antarctic coastal and near-coastal environments. Since platelet ice formation is strongly associated with super-cooled freshwater inflow, we further hypothesize that sedimentary diene II provides a potentially sensitive proxy indicator of landfast sea ice influenced by meltwater discharge from nearby glaciers and ice shelves, and re-examination of some previous diene II downcore records supports this hypothesis. The term IPSO25-Ice Proxy for the Southern Ocean with 25 carbon atoms-is proposed as a proxy name for diene II.

Supplement to: Belt, Simon T; Smik, Lukas; Brown, Thomas A; Kim, Jung-Hyun; Rowland, Steve J; Allen, Claire Susannah; Gal, Jong-Ku; Shin, Kyung-Hoon; Lee, Jae Il; Taylor, Kyle W R (2016): Source identification and distribution reveals the potential of the geochemical Antarctic sea ice proxy IPSO25. Nature Communications, 7, 12655

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Creator Belt, Simon T ORCID logo; Smik, Lukas ORCID logo; Brown, Thomas A (ORCID: 0000-0003-0322-474X); Kim, Jung-Hyun; Rowland, Steve J; Allen, Claire Susannah ORCID logo; Gal, Jong-Ku; Shin, Kyung-Hoon ORCID logo; Lee, Jae Il; Taylor, Kyle W R ORCID logo
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Publication Year 2016
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Spatial Coverage (-67.610W, -77.530S, 35.312E, -61.286N); King George Island, Antarctic Peninsula; Halley Bay; Gould Bay; Camp Norway; Weddell Sea; Atka Bay; Lyddan Island; Filchner Shelf; Filchner Trough; Kapp Norvegia; Maud Rise; Bransfield Strait; Drake Passage; Antarctic Peninsula; Cape Fiske; Greenland Slope; Fram Strait; Lazarev Sea; Polarstern Kuppe
Temporal Coverage Begin 1983-11-26T00:00:00Z
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