Thickness and properties of sea ice and snow of land-fast sea ice in Atka Bay in 2012


Manual measurements of sea ice thickness, sub-ice platelet layer thickness, freeboard, and snow thickness are distributed evenly and repeated along a 25km-long transect across Atka Bay every 2 to 4 weeks. At each measurement location, 5 holes were drilled through the ice in order to determine the aforementioned parameters, one in the center and one in a distance of five meters in each direction, to cover their small-scale spatial variabilities.Version 2, 2018-04-26.The measurements have been mainly conducted by the meteorologist (Thomas Schmidt) and Meine Kühnel during the overwintering. During a subsequent summer campaign, the measurements have been conducted by Mario Hoppmann, Priska A. Hunkeler and Stephan Paul.

On 2019-11-19 it was noted, that Freeboard and Snow thickness were interchanged. What was called Snow thickness actually was Freeboard and vice versa. This is corrected now.

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Creator Hoppmann, Mario ORCID logo; Arndt, Stefanie ORCID logo; Schmidt, Thomas; Paul, Stephan (ORCID: 0000-0002-5136-714X); Hunkeler, Priska A; Nicolaus, Marcel ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Contributor Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven
Publication Year 2018
Funding Reference German Research Foundation Crossref Funder ID 5472008 Priority Programme 1158 Antarctic Research with Comparable Investigations in Arctic Sea Ice Areas
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Spatial Coverage (-70.608W, -70.616S, 7.840E, -70.575N); Atka Bay
Temporal Coverage Begin 2012-06-14T12:25:00Z
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