Data set for Doulgeris et al.2021 : In-situ microphysical characterization of low-level clouds in the Finnish sub-Arctic, extensive dataset.


Continuous, semi-long-term, ground based in-situ cloud measurements were conducted during eight Pallas Cloud Experiments (PaCE) held in autumns between 2004 and 2019. Those campaigns were carried out in the Finnish sub-Arctic region at the Sammaltunturi station (67º58´24´´N, 24º06´58´´E; 560 m MSL), the part of Pallas Atmosphere – Ecosystem Supersite and Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) program. Two cloud spectrometer ground setups and a weather station were installed on the roof of the station to measure in-situ cloud properties and several meteorological variables. Thus, the obtained data sets include the size distribution of cloud droplets as a measured cloud parameter along with the temperature, dew point temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction, (global solar) sun radiation and visibility at the station. Additionally, the number concentration, effective diameter, median volume diameter and liquid water content from each instrument were derived. The presented data sets provide a great insight into microphysics of low-level clouds in sub-Arctic conditions over a wide range of temperatures. Dataset includes a separate NetCDF and excel.cvs file file for each cloud spectrometer; for each year.

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Creator Doulgeris, Konstantinos - Matthaios; Lihavainen, Heikki; Hyvärinen, Anti-Pekka; Kerminen, Veli-Matti; Brus, David
Publisher Finnish Meteorological Institute
Publication Year 2021
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