Global literature database for freshwater jellyfish research between 1880 and 2023


Freshwater jellyfish (FWJ) research has historically been hampered by several factors, including but not limited to: focus on one life cycle stage, diversity of publication languages (numerous national languages), and regional bias, with results scattered across many sources. In this database, we attempted to compile all globally available literature pieces, i.e., peer-reviewed papers, reviews, notes, book chapters, and some grey literature published between 1880 and September 2023, but excluding newspaper articles, symposium and conference contributions, theses, and dissertations. The database contains information on three FWJ genera (Astrohydra, Craspedacusta, Limnocnida) totalling 697 entries. Other, less studied, taxonomically doubtful, and/or regionally restricted FWJ, salt lake, and low-saline tolerant genera (Australomedusa, Halmomises, Keralica, Mansariella, Moerisia) were not included. This database will enable investigators to systematically and comprehensively search for published research advancing the field of FWJ.

********Explanation of the column headings of the data file********Genus > Three levels: Astrohydra, Craspedacusta, LimnocnidaReference > Citation format of peer-reviewed paperPaper title > Title of the articleYear > Publication yearDecade > Publication decadeJournal > Publication journalVolume > Journal volumeIssue > Journal issueLanguage > 20 levels: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, OtherLife cycle stage > Focus stage in the paper, three levels: Frustule, Medusa, PolypContinent > Continent of primary institute affiliation of first author

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