Holocene and MIS2 atmospheric mineral dust concentration and composition from the Talos Dome ice core and from potential source areas


The present data concerns:-Atmospheric dust concentration from the Antarctic ice core Talos Dome during the time interval between 700 and 25,000 years before present (AICC2012 chronology).-Dust Potential Source Areas Composition: the major element composition of potential dust source areas from Antarctica (Victoria Land), Australia and South America.-The major element composition of the atmospheric mineral dust extracted from the Talos Dome ice core sections. The age of the samples ranges between 1.9 Kyr BP and 32.9 Kyr BP (AICC2012 chronology).

Supplement to: Baccolo, Giovanni; Delmonte, Barbara; Albani, Samuel; Baroni, Carlo; Cibin, Giannantonio; Frezzotti, Massimo; Hampai, Dariush; Marcelli, Augusto; Revel, M; Salvatore, Maria Cristina; Stenni, Barbara; Maggi, Valter (2018): Regionalization of the atmospheric dust cycle on the periphery of the East Antarctic ice sheet since the Last Glacial Maximum. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems

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