(Table 3) δ¹⁸O of chemoherm carbonate samples, Delta d18O, past d18O seawater values, fractionation factor alpha aragonite-seawater, reconstructed past seawater/fluid temperature and marine isotopic stages


Column 4: 230Th/234U ages of chemoherm carbonates (see also Table 2). The age for 3429-3-A-8 is a mean value of sample a and b. Column 5: Measured d18OPDB of chemoherm carbonate samples. Statistical uncertainty represents 1 s.d. Column 8: Measured d18OSMOW of chemoherm carbonate samples using d18OSMOW = 1.03086 x d18OPBD + 30.86 (Friedman and O'Neil, 1977). Column 9: Delta d18OPDB values for all samples from the Karner et al. (2002) tropical benthic stack. Column 10: Past d18OSMOW values of the seawater that the carbonates precipitated from using d18OSMOW (seawater) = Delta d18OPDB (Karner) x 1.03086 + 0.64. Column 11: Fractionation factor alpha aragonite-seawater using alpha = ((d18OSMOW, aragonite x 1000)/(d18OSMOW, seawater x 1000)). Column 12: Calculated past seawater or fluid temperature during the time of chemoherm carbonate precipitation. For the reconstruction of temperature we used the relationship of Böhm et al. (2000) established for aragonite precipitation in seawater (T(K) = (18.45) x 1000/1000ln alpha + 32.54). Kelvin (K) was converted to Celsius (°C). Column 13: Marine isotope stages for all chemoherm carbonate samples from Bassinot et al. (1994).

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