National Inventory of the Natural Heritage: Seahorse and pipefish observations in the French metropolitan area: Program Hippo-ATLAS

The goal of the Hippo-ATLAS is to collect observation data on species of seahorse and pipefish along the coasts of Europe and the Mediterranean. This project aims to determine their distribution, to create a photographic database to study and illustrate their variability, and to collect data about their habitat to better understand their lifestyle and their vulnerability. The observation data are collected by divers, fishermen and amateur naturalists. An input tool is available online on the website of Peau-Bleue Association. On 01/01/2011, the database contained about 220 records. This is supplemented annually. In addition to the essential data (species, location, date, observer), the following information can be documented for every observation: gender, size, color, depth, substrate.

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Publisher Blue-Cloud Data Discovery & Access service; EurOBIS - EMODnet Biology
Contributor Association Peau Bleue; Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ); National Natural History Museum Paris; Service du Patrimoine naturel
Publication Year 2024
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Discipline Marine Science
Spatial Coverage (-4.641W, 41.484S, 9.515E, 50.763N)