Coccolith dissolution experiment from one sample of ODP Hole 130-807A


The dataset compiles morphological measurements of coccoliths (Gephyrocapsa spp. and Emiliania huxleyi, >2µm) from surface samples of the South China Sea retrieved along a depth gradient (629 – 3809 m) during the R/V Sonne cruises (SO-95). The morphological attributes (length, volume, thickness, and ks shape factor) from the Noelaerhabdaceae group (Emiliania huxleyi and Gephyrocapsa spp) were applied to evaluate coccolithophore calcification and preservation aspects. The length, volume, area, and mass were obtained using the C-Calcita software from images taken under a cross-polarized microscope (Zeiss AX10). Thickness and the shape factor ks were calculated. The columns include station names, Longitude, Latitude, Depth (m), number of coccoliths measured per sample, mean ks shape factor, thickness, length, volume, mass, and standard deviation of mean ks/mean ks.

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Creator Gerotto, Amanda ORCID logo; Zhang, Hongrui ORCID logo; Nagai, Renata Hanae ORCID logo; Stoll, Heather M ORCID logo; Figueira, Rubens César Lopes ORCID logo; Liu, Chuanlian; Hernández-Almeida, Iván ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2023
Funding Reference Coordenação de Aperfeicoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior Crossref Funder ID 001 ; Ministry of Education, Brazil Crossref Funder ID 88887.571907/2020-00 Programa Institucional de Internacionalização (CAPES-PrInt); Swiss National Science Foundation Crossref Funder ID 182070 Detecting carbon cycle changes during Antarctic Ice Sheet Instabilities of the Oligocene-Miocene based on coccolithophore geochemistry
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Discipline Earth System Research
Spatial Coverage (156.625 LON, 3.607 LAT); West equatorial Pacific Ocean
Temporal Coverage Begin 1990-02-26T16:08:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 1990-03-02T21:00:00Z