(Table 2) Stratigraphic distribution of ebridians and actiniscidians in lower Miocene to upper Pliocene sediments of ODP Site 104-642


Samples 104-642C-1H-1,80-81 to 104-642C-8H-3,30-31 (Quatenary to Pliocene), 104-642C-10H-2,71-72 (Lower Pliocene) and 104-642D-11x-2,55-56 barren. Species abundance: *1 = P (= present). Samples 104-642C-12H-2,70-71 with low species abundance originally given in counts and are here calculated to relative abundances. Samples 104-642C-9H-1, 64-65 cm to 104-642D-11X-1, 55-56 cm represent strewn-slide data, all others are smear-slide observations.

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