Planktonic foraminifera δ18O, Mg/Ca and UK37 ratios and benthic foraminifera δ18O of sediment core MD97-2125


To derive and age-depth model radiocarbon ages were measured on the planktonic foraminifera species Globigerinoides ruber alba. Stable oxygen isotope ratios were measured on planktonic and benthic foraminifera. For benthic d18O measurements were done on 5-7 specimens of Cibicides wuellerstorfi from the 250-355 micrometer size fraction. Two species of planktonic foraminifera were analysed: Globigerinoides ruber alba and Trilobatus sacculifer. 5-7 shells from the 250-355 micrometer size fraction were analysed. Mg/Ca ratios were measured on the same two planktonic foraminifera species. For the Mg/Ca measurements 30 specimens were used that were cleaned using an oxidative cleaning procedure. Seawater temperatures were calculated using T = ln(Mg/Ca/0.102)/0.31 (doi:10.1029/2002PA000846) for G. ruber alba and T = ln(Mg/Ca/0.09)/0.37 (doi:10.1029/2001GC000200) for T. sacculifer. Since the latter calibration was established using the Cd cleaning, a correction of -8 % was applied prior to Mg/Ca-SST conversion. Additional seawater temperature estimates were calculated from UK37' ratios which were converted to SST using T (°C) = -0.957 (54.293 * Uk'37) - (52.894 (Uk'37)^2) (28.321 (Uk'37)^3) (doi:10.1029/2005GC001054).

Quote from article: Since the depth interval corresponding to MIS 2 and MIS 3 (corresponding to 25–60 ka interval) was probably disturbed during coring process, we omit to interpret this interval.

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