Last Glacial Maximum SST proxy collection and data assimilation


A collection of geochemical SST proxy from the Last Glacial Maximum (23-19 ka) and the Late Holocene (4-0 ka) and results from data assimilation with iCESM 1.2. Includes raw proxy data from the LGM (Tierney2020_LGMProxyData.csv) and LH (Tierney2020_LHProxyData.csv) time slices, with calibrated absolute SSTs; "paired" (data in the same location) proxies with calibrated SST anomalies (Tierney2020_ProxyDataPaired.csv); a 5˚ x 5˚ gridded product of the paired proxies in netCDF format (; and the results from the DA in netCDF format. The DA results are split into atmospheric variables (SAT, d18O of precipitation; and oceanic variables (SST, SSS, and d18O of seawater; The ocean data are provided on their native tripolar grid ( as well as a 1 x 1 regridded version (

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Creator Tierney, Jessica E ORCID logo; Zhu, Jiang ORCID logo; King, Jonathan; Malevich, Steven Brewster ORCID logo; Hakim, Gregory; Poulsen, Christopher ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2020
Rights Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International;
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