Seasonal mesocosm community experiments with warming and acidification treatments in Kiel Outdoor Benthocosms


Seasonal mesocosm community experiments: Four successive runs of ca 10 weeks in 12 outdoor mesocosms (ca 1400 L) with flow-through and a orthogonally crossed warming ("ambient" temperature vs warming by 5°C = "OW") and acidification ("ambient" CO2 vs increase by 700 µatm = "OA" and combined warming and acidification = "OWA" ) treatment. The tanks were started with the same community composition (Fucus vesiculosus; mesograzers Idotea spp., Gammarus spp., Littorina littorea; seastar Asteria rubens, filter feeders Balanus improvisus, Mytilus edulis); details in Wahl et al. 2015.Seasonal responses to the various treatments were (a) mean daily relative Fucus length growth of thallus tips (%), (b) relative Mytilus shell length growth (%), (c) mean daily relative growth of Balanus basal plate, (d-f) the relative population size changes of the three mesograzer species expressed as the log of final divided by initial abundances, (g) the relative survival of Asterias (%).

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Creator Wahl, Martin ORCID logo; Werner, Franziska Julie; Buchholz, Björn; Raddatz, Stefanie; Graiff, Angelika ORCID logo; Matthiessen, Birte ORCID logo; Karsten, Ulf ORCID logo; Hiebenthal, Claas ORCID logo; Hamer, Jorin ORCID logo; Ito, Maysa ORCID logo; Gülzow, Elisa; Rilov, Gil ORCID logo; Guy-Haim, Tamar ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2019
Rights Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International;
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Discipline Earth System Research
Spatial Coverage (10.150 LON, 54.330 LAT)