Response of Arctic mixed kelp communities in northern Norway to simulated heatwaves: a mesocosm study as per minute record


Arctic marine ecosystems are experiencing rapid environmental change with respect to warming. This is leading to an increased frequency, duration, and intensity of marine heatwaves. The impact of these stochastic heatwave events have the potential to negatively effect temperature-sensitive, habitat forming, kelp, that exist in the lower Arctic region. We tested the potential impacts of two heatwave events on mixed kelp communities occurring in the lower Arctic by conducting a 1-month ex situ mesocosm experiment in Tromsø, Norway. Each mesocosm was stocked with ~ 2.5 kg fw (fresh weight) of kelp, 200 g fw of snails and mussels, and ~ 750 g of sea urchins. Three experimental conditions were tested: a constant high temperature which was + 1.76°C above a dynamic control, and two heatwave scenarios. Scenario 1 was a long duration at + 2.8°C above the control for 2 weeks, and scenario 2 was a high frequency and magnitude treatment with conditions + 3.8°C above the control. This occurred at two peaks that were one weak apart and returned to + 1.76°C in-between. Three-hour incubations were performed to examine net community productivity (NCP) for the mixed kelp communities. We identified that both heatwave scenarios diminished the total gross production over the experimental period compared to the control and between scenario 1 and scenario 2. Scenario 1 appeared to exhibit the lowest total gross community production over the experimental period.

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Creator Miller, Cale A ORCID logo; Gazeau, Frédéric ORCID logo; Lebrun, Anaïs; Gattuso, Jean-Pierre ORCID logo; Alliouane, Samir; Urrutti, Pierre; Schlegel, Robert ORCID logo; Comeau, Steeve
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