Table 2.- Bryozoa collected during the LAMPOS expeditions between Punta Arenas and the northernmost tip of the Antarctic Peninsula


The 78 bryozoan species collected by the German R/V "Polarstern" during the LAMPOS cruise in April 2002, encompassing the Scotia Arc archipelagos between Tierra del Fuego and the Antarctic Peninsula, were studied to discern the biogeographical patterns of the Magellan region of South America, the Scotia Arc archipelagos and the Antarctic. The resulting dendrogram shows three clusters: an isolated one with the three easternmost archipelagos and the other two linking some of the northern and southern Scotia Arc archipelagos with Tierra del Fuego. A more comprehensive analysis using all the species previously recorded from the Scotia Arc archipelagos and adjacent areas (214 spp.) produced a clearer zoogeographical pattern without isolated clusters of localities. The Antarctic Peninsula plus the Scotia Arc archipelagos form a large cluster distinct from the Magellan-Falkland Subantarctic area. A third analysis making use of 78 genera present in the study area plus Australia and New Zealand reinforces this pattern, showing two clusters: one uniting South America and the Australian-New Zealand realm and the other linking the Scotia Arc archipelagos with the Antarctic Peninsula. These results indicate that the Scotia Arc archipelagos represent merely a very narrow bridge connecting two different bryozoan faunas with only a few bryozoan species in common between the study areas.

Abbreviations of zoarial forms in last line (not_given): A = adeoniform (6.4%), RE = reteporiform (5.1%), BU = buguliform (10.25%), Cel = celleporiform (3.85%), F = flustriform (15.4%), CE = cellariiform(12.6%), V = vinculariiform (6.4%), E = eschariform (5.1%), I = encrusting (32%), CA = catenicelliform (2.6%)

Supplement to: Moyano G, Hugo I (2005): Scotia Arc bryozoans from the LAMPOS expedition: a narrow bridge between two different faunas. Arntz, Wolf E, Lovrich, Gustavo A & Thatje, Sven (eds.) The Magellan-Antarctic connection: links and frontiers at southern high latitudes, Scientia Marina, 69 (Suppl. 2), 103-112

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