RECOG-LR RL01: Correcting GRACE total water storage estimates for global lakes and reservoirs


This dataset includes corrections for GRACE, removing the leakage effect from 283 of the major global lakes and reservoirs (removal approach) for 2003 - 2016 and optionally relocating the leaked mass to its origin within the outline of the lakes/reservoirs. The correction is computed from forward-modelling surface water volume estimates derived from satellite altimetry (DAHITI, Schwatke et al., 2015) and remote sensing (Global WaterPack, Klein et al., 2017). A DDK3-filter (Kusche, 2007) has been applied.

The dataset consists of three files: (1) The monthly correction for each grid cell to remove the lake signal (removal approach, Equivalent Water Height (EWH) in meters), (2) the monthly correction to remove the lake signal in terms of spherical harmonics (potential coefficients according to the ICGEM format) and (3) the altimetry-derived monthly water levels for each grid cell that can be used to re-add the measured lake volume to its actual area (relocation approach, EWH in meters). This dataset is called RECOG-LR (REgional COrrections for Grace - Lakes and Reservoirs) and is part of the first release of RECOG RL01.

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Creator Deggim, Simon; Eicker, Annette ORCID logo; Schawohl, Lennart ORCID logo; Ellenbeck, Laura; Dettmering, Denise ORCID logo; Schwatke, Christian ORCID logo; Mayr, Stefan; Klein, Igor ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2020
Rights Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International;
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Discipline Earth System Research