M142 raw data of EM710 multibeam echosounder (bathymetry, beam time series & water column data)


Multibeam echosounder (MBES) data recorded during RV METEOR cruise M142 between 04.11.2017 and 09.12.2017 in the Black Sea. The expedition aimed to determine the gas hydrate stability zone and the distribution of methane hydrates in deposits of the Danube fan. By using the drill rig MeBo 200 shallow sediments were investigated for hints of gas hydrate formation. CI Citation: Paul Wintersteller (seafloor-imaging@marum.de) as responsible party for bathymetry raw data ingest and approval. Description of data source: During the RV METEOR cruise M142 the hull-mounted Kongsberg EM710 with a nominal sounding frequency of 70-100 kHz was utilized. 256 beams with an acoustical footprint of 1°(Tx)/1°(Rx) are formed for each ping. For further information consult: http://epic.awi.de/26726/1/Kon2007b.pdf. During this cruise the swath width was mainly at 120° and did not exceed 130°. The use of the high-density equidistant and the dual-swath mode of the EM710 resulted in up to 800 soundings per ping. Bathymetric surveys were usually conducted with a vessel speed of maximum 10 kn. The EM710 was recording almost constantly during this cruise which yielded to a high-resolution mapping of up to 5m grid cell size in water depths down to 850m. Responsible person during this cruise / PI: Paul Wintersteller (seafloor-imaging@marum.de) & Stefanie Gaide Chief Scientist: G. Bohrmann (gbohrmann@marum.de) CR: Not yet available CSR: https://www2.bsh.de/aktdat/dod/fahrtergebnis/2017/20170254.htm A special thanks goes to the watch keeper during M142: Atanas Vasilev

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.895530
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Spatial Coverage (30.922 LON, 43.619 LAT)
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Temporal Coverage End 2017-12-03T00:00:00Z