Mono-specific non-polar stacks of d13C and d18O from the planktic foraminifera G. ruber and T. sacculifer and simulation results of the 13C cycle across the last glacial cycle


We compiled new 160 kyr-long mono-specific stacks of changes in both δ13C and δ18O from either the planktic foraminifera G. ruber (rub) or T. sacculifer (sac) from 112 and 40 marine records from the wider tropics (<40° in latitude), respectively. Furthermore, the carbon cycle model BICYCLE-SE is used to simulate one glacial cycle in order to understand the role the carbonate ion effect plays for d13C recorded in planktic foraminifera. Simulated atmospheric CO2, d13CO2, surface ocean d13C and carbonate ion concentration as well as deep ocean d13C are contained in this data set.

The zip contains the following files:------------------1) README file for the data archive, which contains the following files:---2) Simulation results (150 kyr long) for 4 scenarios (SEi, SEi0, C1, C1CO2):- BICYCLE-SE__SEi_150kyr__atmCO2__atmd13CO2__6x_socean_co3__10x_ocean_d13C__withheader.dat- BICYCLE-SE__SEi0_150kyr__atmCO2__atmd13CO2__6x_socean_co3__10x_ocean_d13C__withheader.dat- BICYCLE-SE__C1_150kyr__atmCO2__atmd13CO2__6x_socean_co3__10x_ocean_d13C__withheader.dat- BICYCLE-SE__C1CO2_150kyr__atmCO2__atmd13CO2__6x_socean_co3__10x_ocean_d13C__withheader.datAtmospheric CO2, atmospheric d13CO2, 6x CO_3^{2-}, 10x oceanic d13C_DIC----3) Data compilation:- IsotopeStacks_0_160ka.xlsx - Contains the mono-specific 160 kyr-long stacks of D(d13C_rub), D(d13C_sac), D(d18O_rub) and D(d18O_sac) and underlying individual time series from the two planktic foraminifera species G. ruber (rub) and T. sacculifer (sac) for two selections (all data, only records which contain both Terminations 1+2)- Planktic_Isotopes_K& - contains data readable with the software PaleoDataView (doi:10.5194/cp-15-2067-2019)----All further details are contained in the headers of the individual files, or in the README section of the xlsx file.

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