Holotypes of three new species of Platyhelminthes from the SE North Sea


The related study combined the records of Platyhelminth species collected over the past 70 years around the island of Sylt in the eastern North Sea in order to get a comprehensive view of species richness, the distribution of individual species across tidal levels and sediment types, and the resulting communities. With respect to sediment type and tidal level, species generally have rather wide ranges and follow a normal-type distribution, with abundance and frequency highest in a central area, decreasing with increasing distance from the centre, and covering several habitat types. Neighbouring habitat types thus overlap in species composition, and faunal composition changes continuously over environmental gradients. Some 400 species have been recorded, so far, plus a large and still growing number of unidentified or undescribed species. 19 new species are described in the related paper. Since preserved type material could not successfully be mounted for all of the species, series of photographs were declared holotype for three of the species. This dataset contains the holotype photographs on Postbursoplana syltensis Armonies 2022, Proceropharynx spiculatus Armonies 2022, and Subulagera triangularis Armonies 2022.

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