(Table 2) Uranium-series dating obtained from cold-water corals


Labcode: IUP: Institute for Environmental Physics, University of Heidelberg, Germany; GIF:Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environment, Gif-sur-Yvette, France.d234U(M): Measured 234U/238U activity ratios (d234U(M)) are presented as deviation per mil from the equilibrium value. d234U(0): Decay corrected 234U/238U activity ratios (d234U(0)) are calculated from the given ages and with d234U: 2.8263x10^-6 yr^-1.Cold-water coral ages, isotope concentration and ratios. All U-series datings were obtained from Lophelia pertusa.

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Spatial Coverage (-17.670W, 17.482S, -16.662E, 20.247N); Canyon area southern Banc dArguin; northern canyon area west of Banc dArguin (ROV3); Timiris deep coral mound chain; Timiris shallow coral mound chain; Canyon S of Timiris mound chain; Banda mounds; northern Banda slide; southern Banda slide
Temporal Coverage Begin 2010-10-28T17:15:00Z
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