Investigations on benthic deep-sea meiofauna at station AWI_ATL2-4


Feeding type:- Group IA (selective deposit-feeders) Individuals without real or with minute buccal cavity, teeth absent, selective (bacterial) feeders- Group IB (non-selective deposit-feeders) Individuals with conical or cup-shaped buccal cavity, teeth absent or minute, non selective deposits feeders- Group IIA (epigrowth feeders) Individuals with medium sized buccal cavity, small to medium teeth, epistrate or epigrowth (diatom) feeders- Group IIB (predators (Wieser 1953) and omnivores (Wieser 1960)) Individuals with large buccal cavity, large teeth or other cuticularised structures, predators and omnivoressee Wieser, W. (1960). Benthic studies in Buzzards Bay. II. The meiofauna. Limnol. Oceanogr. 5: 121-137

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Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2005
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Spatial Coverage (4.873 LON, 78.761 LAT)