Particulate and sinking sediment matter in the Norwegian Sea and Northwest Altantic


The sedimentation system of contour currents as a whole (bottom morphology, current velocity, the nepheloid layer, horizontal and vertical fluxes of sedimentary matter, bottom sediments) is considered in the book. Original data were collected in numerous expeditions to the Norwegian Sea and to the Northwest Atlantic. Conditions for formation of recent contourites are identified. Data on chemical composition of suspended matter in the water column, nepheloid layer and bottom sediments are presented. It is established that horizontal flux of sediment matter being formed by suspended matter mass in the nepheloid layer and by its transfer velocity is a principal factor controlling particulate matter fluxes to the bottom as well as sedimentation rates.

Supplement to: Lukashin, Vyacheslav N (2008): Sedimentation on continental slopes under influence of contour currents. GEOS (Moscow), 250 pp

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Spatial Coverage (-52.364W, 40.727S, 18.169E, 74.200N); Norwegian Sea; Northwest Atlantic
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