Pore water, headspace gas and TOC data from ARA06C Expedition


Here we represent pore water, headspace gas, and TOC data from the four cores recovered from the Chukchi Sea by Jumbo Piston Corer (JPC) during the ARA06C Expedition in 2015 to investigate the origin and diagenesis of pore water and gas. The study cores were retrieved from the Chukchi Sea Shelf (ARA06C-JPC01), the Northwind Basin (ARA06C-JPC02), the East Siberia Continental Slope (ARA06C-JPC03), and the Chukchi Basin (ARA06C-JPC04). We collected pore water from Site ARA06C-JPC01, ARA06C-JPC02, ARA06C-JPC03, and ARA06C-JPC04 and performed compositional and isotopic analyses (e.g. major cation and anions, oxygen, and deuterium isotope, carbon-13 isotope of dissolved carbon, 87Sr/86Sr). The analyzed results of pore water were displayed in the PW Table. The compositional and isotopic data of headspace gas (e.g. methane concentration, and carbon-13 isotope of methane and carbon dioxide) from Site ARA06C-JPC01, ARA06C-JPC02, ARA06C-JPC03, and ARA06C-JPC04 as well as TOC content of bulk sediment from Site ARA06C-JPC01, were represented in the HS Table and TOC Table, respectively.

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