NEGIS N1: Three-dimensional stratigraphic Horizon in the upstream region of the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream, Greenland ice sheet (7.3 ka)


The NEGIS N1 3D horizon is located at the onset of Greenlands Northeast Greenland Ice Stream and has an age of 7.3 ± 0.2 ka (thousand years). NEGIS N1 covers an area of ∼ 250 x 90 km and is centred at the EastGRIP drill site. The geometry of this 3D horizon shows a variety of complex and high number of folds, which are increasing in ice-flow direction. A number of short-wavelength folds (100-500 m long and with amplitudes up to 100 m high) extend almost from the ice divide downstream along the shear zone of NEGIS.

The 3D horizon and traced radar lines are provided in four different data formats:1. ASCII format of the point cloud of the 3D horizons (meshes.dat) or traced radar lines (line.dat) in the xyz format, where x and y represent the coordinates and z the elevation in meters.2. Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) in the GeoTIFF (.tif) and NetCDF (.nc) format of the 3D horizons (meshes). The DEMs have a cell size of 50 m.3. GoCAD (Geological Objects: The 3D horizons (meshes) are stored in triangulated surfaces (.ts) and the traced radar lines as polylines (.pl).

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