Raw data of GPS position and sea-surface temperature recorded by 44 Southtek NOMAD drifting buoys in the marginal ice zone north of Svalbard in 2022


44 Southtek Iridium GPS drifters of types Offshore NOMAD-T V3 (33) and Offshore NOMAD V2 (11) were deployed in the marginal ice zone northwest of Svalbard as part of RV Polarstern expedition PS131 (ATWAICE) in July-August 2022. In addition to GPS position and time, the 33 NOMAD-T buoys also measured sea-surface temperatures. The 44 buoys were used for a total of 48 individual deployments, including 4 redeployments of recovered instruments, to either mark and track non-iridium instruments (6), to mark important sites (2), to track individual ice floes (1), or to elucidate the surface ocean currents as a complement to measurements obtained by the towed Triaxus system (31) or the ship-based CTD (8). The buoys were either thrown over board into open water, placed on sea ice, or attached to instruments. The measurement and transmission intervals were between 1 hour and 15 minutes, and were also partly reconfigured during operation. The drifter data were downloaded directly on board and displayed in the ship's Mapviewer software in near-real time, to facilitate navigation and to support the scientific program in decision-making. The attached .zip archive contains the original data files obtained from the Southtek server, which were partially modified to account for the 4 redeployments (indicated by "redeployed" in the filename), and to fill a data gap caused by an iridium data provider issue (indicated by "merged" in the filename). The files still include the deck test data, which needs to be removed according to the attached table with deployment metadata (including deployment time and position).

We are grateful to the captain, crew, and scientific staff of RV Polarstern expedition PS131 for their great support. We thank the International Arctic Buoy Programme for their financial support with the buoy data costs.

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