Bedrock topography and ice thickness of the North East Greenland Ice Stream (gridded data)


Here, we present a record of more than 8000 km of radar survey lines of radio echo sounding data covering an area of 24 000 km2 centred on the drill site for the East Greenland Ice-core Project (EGRIP) in the central part of the North East Greenland Ice Stream (NEGIS). The acquisition system was a multichannel ultra-wideband radar mounted on AWI's Polar6 aircraft. Our data yield a new detailed model of ice-thickness distribution and basal topography in the region.

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Creator Franke, Steven ORCID logo; Jansen, Daniela ORCID logo; Binder, Tobias ORCID logo; Dörr, Nils ORCID logo; Helm, Veit ORCID logo; Paden, John D; Steinhage, Daniel; Eisen, Olaf (ORCID: 0000-0002-6380-962X)
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2019
Rights Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International;
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Resource Type Dataset
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Size 36 data points
Discipline Earth System Research
Spatial Coverage (-35.992 LON, 75.633 LAT)